Making The Case for Six Sigma

At a competitive environment it’s required. There’s absolutely no margin on your company.
Excellence means closing the output of the core processes of their organization and the performance gap between client requirements/expectations Peter Peterka. Oh, and you’ll be able to think as a client of requirements.

Sustained operational excellence can’t be accomplished through band‐aide fixes, but instead resolution of this root cause(s) of procedure issues.

Finding and fixing the root cause of process problems at a cross‐functional value flow (or some other value flow for that matter) isn’t kid’s play — it takes a method. It is also not a part-time job.
It requires capable individuals using audio data‐driven methods, leadership service, and committed and sustained attempt.

Every operationally world‐class company has a rigorous approach to problem solving and process development. Ad hoc methods don’t do the job. When they did, you would not have some glaring issues to mend (I presume you have some, like everyone ).
So. . .if ad hoc approaches do not work, what is the option?

How about: coordinated improvement attempts which are customer‐focused, systematic, educated by information, and backed by competent (trained) individuals and participated direction?

That is exactly what Lean Six Sigma is.

The title isn’t significant — call it anything you want: Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Process Excellence, etc.. What is significant is the blend of: organizational structure, job identification, an structure of project management which pushes critical thinking (DMAIC), the perfect analytical instruments, sound procedures, the ideal people, and leadership assistance.

Lean Six Sigma was demonstrated to work for decades.

There’s not any pudding, also LSS should be implemented. The ones that haven’t implemented have neglected therefore it isn’t automatic. It’s possible to consider accounting methods in precisely the exact same vein: they operate, but they are sometimes improperly applied, when employed. Enron’s collapse isn’t an indictment of bookkeeping a failure of direction.