Home Health Care Brampton

At ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICES INC. we pride ourselves on meeting the home health care brampton needs of our clients through providing a variety of customized and supportive services distinctively customized to each client. We are the providers of all medical (Nursing Staff/Caregivers) and non-medical (Companionship/Personal Support Workers/Home-makers) support to the elderly and others with disabilities or facing physical, mental and emotional precincts and difficulties; at home, in hospital, long term care, or wherever home maybe for them. We have over 50 years of experience in serving the community through our dedicated and committed team. Our Planners/Support Staff will be your Personal Advocate who will help you explore all of your care options and design a customized and flexible care solution that fits within your budget and requirements.

We understand that caring for a loved one can take a tremendous toll on the family therefore our caregivers work on a very personal level and strive to provide as much family support as possible. We assist with the overwhelming tasks from designing a care plan for your loved one to navigating the Health Care System. Our dedicated team assists families to bring peace of mind and let their loved ones live a healthy, independent and happier life.

Home Health Care Brampton

ASK4CARE SUPPORT SERVICE INC. BRAMPTON is a vision offering a full variety of incredible support and home health care services for those with physical, medical, or any memory impairment. From companionship, personal care, therapy and rehabilitation to elderly care, dementia and hospice care, assisted appointment escorts, dialysis and diabetes, child care support or whatever, we assist you with a wide range of support staff for all your care needs where and when!!!

We commit to providing Professional Caregivers who work with us to set the bar high. We follow a rigorous, best-in-the-industry procedure to ensure that our clients receive safe, skilled and proficient support with the highest level accountability. We expect the highest degree of professionalism, skill, warmth, and respect in everything our Caregivers do. For this purpose, our support staff and caregivers are properly trained and well-equipped.

 Careful Selection of Caregivers

We have a rigorous selection process for caregivers that covers more than just competency. We ensure that the people we employ meet our high standards to ultimately serve our clients and their families with dedication.

Peace of Mind

Our Caregivers and support staff is insured and bonded, with proper background checks that are done both locally and federally. We also ensure to verify their education certification. All these steps are taken to provide peace of mind and sense of security to the families who opt us for assistance.

Professional and Quality Caregiving

We make sure that all our caregivers are part of and in good standing with their associations or regulatory body at all times. This helps our clients to only get served by the best caregivers and staff; committed to the highest level of professionalism and client service.

Training and Education

We have a thorough process of on-board training for our support staff and caregivers so that they can justly meet our clients’ health needs and requirements.

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