Eat to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

For all those who wish to burn off fat, you need to construct muscle, also for all those who wish to construct muscle, you need to Eat Sleep Burn . In other words, there’s just no way around it. . .you are likely to get to burn off fat AND build muscle (I am not speaking Arnold Schwarzenegger muscle , only lean muscle). But what you consume is incredibly important on your quest to burn fat and build muscle.

So, what it’s the ideal foods to eat to burn fat and build muscle?


Protein is the catalyst for any effective weight loss, fat burning, and muscle building program. If you do not get an adequate quantity of protein every day, the results you’ll find will probably be few if any.

The best foods to eat to burn fat and build muscle and contain great amounts of protein are:

1. Protein shakes: (Suitable, yummy, and jam packed with upward 20-40 g of protein per serving. Attempt to go for brands that don’t have a great deal of calories and fat.)

2. Poultry: Chicken (lean breast), turkey (lean breast).

3. Fish: Specifically, salmon and lettuce.

4. Nuts: Almonds are the finest.

Should you put in these foods in your daily diet, you’ll discover very quickly fat reduction and toned muscles beginning to show.