A Day in the Life of a Spa Consultant

A good deal of individuals ask what my days are like and just how glamorous my travels have to be.I’m extremely fortunate to be in a position to do exactly what I love พริตตี้สปา. I love my job and helping spa owners attain their degree of success and fulfill their fantasies.

I believe it is very important to reflect and have a pause of appreciation Since I begin a 22 hour day.

It is 6:33 am and I have been up since 2:30 am.I reside in the gorgeous seacoast region of southern Maine. The downside of this is having to take the bus into Boston to get into the airport. I cut it shut. Mondays are the worst since the airport is jamming. I try to not fly but my customers’ spas do not wait to journey!

As we cab the runway, a feeling of stress awakens in. It is a dose of fear that I will never get over. My pre-flight ritual is a short prayer session and that which I call”Take off Reiki”. I was lucky to learn Reiki back in 1997 and it’s served me well ever since.

After we land, I am back to running. I pick up my rental car and I am away…

I think, enthusiastic although hungry. (The graham crackers out of my flight simply didn’t hold me ) I like the notion of this spa and they are so near opening their doors! I grab a fast breakfast daily, and we plan. Now both hours of training, meeting leads, and having intensive leadership meetings. I am brimming with enthusiasm.

This After all, it is back into my car. I left it to spare. “Dear Pittsburgh airport, please start a spa for folks like me that have additional time and will need to unwind! I would be pleased to offer my services to help get this up and running fast. Sincerely, Julie Pankey.” 🙂

I am tired. Thank goodness this flight is fairly vacant – making small talk isn’t feasible at this point. We land ancient, but for me means waiting longer for your own trainer. I guess I could decompress.